SEECA - Specialty Eye Care - Houma, LA

Dr Jake Bordelon

As a chiropractor, I need perfect vision, so before getting eye surgery I did some serious research.  I learned that Dr. D owns the VISX S4 laser, which is the most advanced Custom Wavefront Guided laser in the world.  I also found out that Dr. D has done over 900 refractive surgeries since 2004 with a perfect record of zero serious complications.  This, plus a very thorough consultation, convinced me to go with Dr. D.

After my laser surgery at SEECA, my vision was amazing.  It's great to swim AND SEE with no contacts and my toddler can't grab my glasses off my face anymore.  Having great vision makes my career more enjoyable too because I can focus on my patients instead of worrying about my eyes.  Thanks Dr. D for perfect vision and excellent care.