SEECA - Specialty Eye Care - Houma, LA

Electronic Medical Records

SEECA Technology, based out of Houma, Louisiana, was founded by a team with core competencies in ophthalmology, practice management and software development. Using a functioning ophthalmology practice as a "test office" to develop and modify ideas, the team has created the most advanced electronic medical records system available with a proven record of improving all aspects of an ophthalmology practice. SEECA Technology specializes in creating total business solutions that meet the individual needs of each client. We realize that making the jump to electronic medicine is complex, therefore, we have designed a methodical process that minimizes the turbulence involved in transitioning to electronic medical records.

Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy is rooted in the knowledge that no two ophthalmology practices are alike. Any electronic medical records solution will need to be modified to fit the personality and needs of the specific doctor or group. Offering a fully customizable system is the only way to truly serve the needs of our specialty, which is remarkably diverse across sub-specialties. Having an appreciation for these subtleties has allowed us to construct a fully customizable platform which can be altered to your specific needs. Part of our philosophy involves training the end user to modify their own system, so they can experiment with new ideas, reshape their system, and thus create a better system for themselves than anyone else could have accomplished. Our solutions enhance patient care, increase physician profitability and dramatically increase control over all aspects of the practice.